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We apply an invisible anti-slip treatment to existing tiles. This treatment will not change the appearance of the tiles and can be walked on immediately. It is ideal for all inside and outside areas.

  • 1. Stone/tiled flooring is naturally porous. Water collects, creating a hazardous slippery surface
  • 2. The anti-slip treatment bonds into the pores below the surface, without affecting the appearance or surface integrity of the floor.
  • 3. The anti-slip treatment reacts instantly with moisture, expanding above the surface to increase the coefficient of friction or slip resistance (SRV). Even the moisture from a wet shoe or bare foot is enough to activate an instant reaction.


    Our specially designed machines need no chemicals. By using exceptional high pressure water, we remove all moss, mould, slime, etc. from all exterior surfaces (patios, pool surrounds, driveways, courtyards, pavements, wooden decking, tennis courts, balustrades, etc.), without damaging them in any way.

    The machines are equipped with a water drainage system for cleaning interior surfaces: kitchens, living room floors, bar/restaurant floors, bathrooms, etc.

  • Patios.
  • Pool surrounds.
  • Driveways.
  • Courtyards.
  • Pavements.
  • Wooden decking.
  • Tennis courts.
  • etc.


    We can also offer a service to seal floor areas.

    After cleaning we can seal surfaces by applying a sealant to help protect and keep surfaces clean thereafter.