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If you are responsible for a property in Spain, you are legally obliged to ensure the safety of your customers. This means that both the owner and the agent letting the property, can be prosecuted and fined if a person slips and you have not taken reasonable steps to make the property safer, as required by Spanish and European law. In short, it states that if you have dangerous slippery floors or steps in wet conditions, and you do nothing to address the problem and manage these risks, you will be liable if a person slips and makes a claim against you. The laws in Spain are the same in all European countries regarding safety. Whether a person slips on a spillage in a restaurant, on wet tiles by a swimming pool, or in a shower of a holiday let, you could be liable if you have done nothing to manage the risk. Antislipguys Costa Blanca can apply an invisible anti-slip treatment to existing tiles, making them safer and fulfilling your obligations as both owners and agents. It is not expensive and we will supply you with documents to prove the date of application by our company, along with our 5 year product guarantee. This amazing treatment will not change the appearance of the tiles and can be walked on immediately. It's ideal for all inside and outside areas, like terraces and swimming pools, kitchen and bathroom floors and even the inside of baths and shower trays.


Apart from legal obligations it is important to protect yourself and your family against slipping in your own home (bathroom floors, swimming pool area, steps etc.).

Our Company

Antislipguys Costa Blanca is part of the parent company Antislipguys in the UK. The founders Barry and Cress Poole have over 30 years experience in the cleaning industry in the UK and now we also offer this unique kind of cleaning service in Spain. Many anti-slip treatments in Spain simply don't work. Most companies use inferior products including acid-etching systems - these will damage your tiles! We have spent considerable time trialing anti-slip treatments from all over the world and are confident that we have the best available. The anti-slip treatment we use is an amazing product and is manufactured under license exclusively for use by Antislipguys.

Some of our high quality services:
  • Site survey and assessment
  • Anti-slip demonstration
  • Specification and quotation
  • A professional installation with minimal disruption and down time
  • Cleaning and maintenance advice
  • Warranty
  • All at a surprisingly affordable price!

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